Overcoming Adversity

Clive was injured at a relatively young age, when he was at the peak of fitness and passionate about sport. To have the determination to challenge everything that was going on around him with grace and ease was nothing short of remarkable. Clive campaigns to change the view of disability and knows this message needs to reach out to all. Clive is able to adapt his approach and message to whatever audience he faces. He does it with captivating humour and a drive to enable children, teenagers and adults to view disability in a way they may not have done before.


Some people are born leaders and some become leaders over a period of time. It’s a hard skill to acquire!

Leadership is successful when passion and tenacity are applied. Listen to Clive talk about when he made the decision to train and become an Improvised Explosive Device Technician, a job for which few put themselves forward. Yet it was a decision that on Clive’s second petrol in Afghanistan as lead man, would change his life forever.

Inspirational Speaker

Clive has a fantastic captivating real life story to tell. He has achieved some phenomenal things since injury. Whilst learning to walk again he has dedicated his life to doing as much charity work as possible. He wants to give back and ensure others have as much support available as possible. Clive has attacked challenges head on, thriving on pushing limits that would challenge those of us who are able bodied!

Motivational Speaker

Clive Smith’s story of how he has stayed driven, positive and determined will captivate any audience. He can share his own experiences, talking through how he learnt to demonstrate the need to adapt his behaviour and approach to achieve objectives. He can inspire and motivate at annual staff conferences, supporting corporate businesses that want to invigorate employees.

I don’t know that I can find words to adequately describe your presentation. It was truly inspirational. No wonder you won that award at the Soldiering On Awards! So many visitors told me how impressed they were hearing your speech about your journey. It clearly was a serious subject but you managed to put it across with grace and ease. Your sense of humour was very well received.

Rotary Club of Wylde Green

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